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Psoriasis Natural Treatment at Home

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Psoriasis is a skin condition, a chronic one at that, which can affect people of all ages and genders.  However, almost always this is a skin ailment that occurs before one can attain 40 years of age.  This skin condition is known for its sudden flare-ups, alternating with periodic cessations; but often comes and goes with no complete cure in sight.  The fact is that this is a skin ailment that can be completely cured, but with much difficulty.

What is Psoriasis Exactly?

Psoriasis is a skin condition resulting from disordered functioning of the immune system.  This immune system disorder leads to the development of raised and red patchy skin areas that get enveloped in white or silvery layer of skin scales.  It can become itchy, but is a non-contagious skin disorder that more commonly occurs around the limb joints, lower back, and scalp areas.

As stated earlier, this disease is famous for its sudden outbursts, lasting for a certain period of time, followed by long periods of remission, and recurrent flare-ups again.  It is a condition, though, that cannot be left ignored for long, since it is capable of affecting the joints and can trigger other more major health concerns.

Lifestyle Changes to Be Made by Psoriasis Sufferers


–       First, follow a healthy diet by removing all that junk food, processed meats, refined food products from one’s daily diet; and opt for organic foods, eating more of fruits and veggies of varied colors.  Make a note of those foods that tend to increase psoriasis symptoms after their consumption, and avoid them totally.  It will also benefit them if alcohol consumption and smoking is totally avoided or minimized at least, so as to not aggravate the condition any further.

Stress Free Mind & Body

–       Refrain from being part of social events or activities that can stress the body and mind excessively, for too much of exertion and mental stress can trigger an increase in psoriasis symptoms.


–       It has also been reported that natural sunlight can to a certain extent help in diminishing psoriasis sunlightpsoriasis symptoms, but the exposure of skin to sun’s rays should be carried out in a controlled manner.  Overexposure to sunlight can actually worsen the condition, so extreme caution should be followed while natural sunlight is used to treat psoriasis.

Daily Bath

Another important factor is that psoriasis sufferers should never avoid having their daily bath, no matter how uncomfortable it may be for them.  Daily washing of body will separate the dead skin tissue from the living tissues, will soften the skin, thereby diminishing the inflammation and itchiness that accompanies psoriasis condition.  They will need to stay away from harsh, perfumed bathing bars and body gels to cleanse the affected skin areas though, and instead use body cleansers that are high in fats and natural oil content.


Taking care to moisten the area with natural moisturizing ointments, preferably medicated, at frequent intervals will reduce the dryness of skin.  If it is possible, they should follow this moisturizing ritual with wrapping the area in a sterile piece of cloth, or keep the area covered at night after applying the cream to reduce the itchiness, scaling and redness.

Following these measures regularly, from within the comforts of one’s home, will help in taking care of one’s psoriasis effectively.

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