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Psoriasis Herbal Remedies

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The use of herbs to treat chronic disease conditions have been in practice since the ancient times.  While a number of studies conducted do support the fact that herbal remedies can effectively get rid of body diseases and disorders, the fact remains that its effectiveness becomes evident only when it is utilized in the correct manner.  Psoriasis, too, can be treated in a less expensive manner, by using herbal medicine.


Psoriasis is a chronic condition affecting the skin characterized by red and white scaly patches of skin, that can appear anywhere on the body.  However, it generally appears on the limbs, lower and/or upper back, and sometimes on the scalp.  This skin condition can be very unattractive, uncomfortable and a mark of shame for the sufferer; but it is not a contagious condition.  People with psoriasis are capable of functioning effectively like any other normal human being, but with the amount of psychological and emotional trauma they are subjected to, it can affect their productive levels and quality of life in a big way.

While this condition is understood to be caused by autoantibodies, it is also understood that most of such skin disorders occur from over consumption of foods that are highly toxic in nature, are highly acidic, and when one’s daily diet is composed mainly of non-vegetarian foods.

Since psoriasis is considered to be a life-long condition, its treatment is usually an ongoing process.

Herbs Used to Cure Psoriasis

The herbal approaches to treating psoriasis are as follows –

Aloe Vera

Aloe plant comes in different varieties.  This plant variety has fleshy tissues that help in conserving moisture.  The aloe vera variety is generally used to treat various disease conditions affecting the body, both in and out.aloe-vera-gelly

The use of fresh aloe vera gel for topical application has proven to show positive results while treating psoriasis skin condition.  Remove the leaf’s outer covering and scoop out its inner flesh to be applied on the affected skin areas daily to visibly reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.

Also, there is a link between digestive health and the condition of one’s skin.  When the body is overwhelmed by toxic materials within, it results in disordered skin conditions.  Aloe vera can also be used to improve the functions of the digestive system and remove toxic wastes from within by consuming its juice on a daily basis.


neemThe fruit and seeds got from the neem tree yield aromatic oils that are loaded with medicinal properties and has been in use to treat various skin diseased conditions, including psoriasis.  Neem is widely used because of its natural antibacterial properties, which can effectively get rid of any type of skin infections.  The oil extracted from it has a highly emollient quality to it, and thus can aid in soothing dry skin conditions that is common in psoriasis, and keeping it soft and supple for long.


The active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, has benefited psoriasis sufferers in healing their skin condition when turmeric is used by them on a regular basis.  This probably arises from the fact that turmeric (or curcumin) has natural antioxidant effects.

Psoriasis sufferers may include turmeric into their daily diet, or apply a paste made from turmeric powder and milk over the disordered skin areas, or make a drink from warm milk, honey and a teaspoon of turmeric powder to be consumed on a daily basis to get rid of this skin condition.

While opting to employ herbal remedies to cure psoriasis, it is advised that first a physician be consulted, especially in cases where the sufferer already has certain pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, psychological problems, heart ailments, etc., and are on other medicinal substances for treating it.

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