How to Beat Psoriasis Naturally with Quick Home Remedies

You can beat psoriasis with diet control & with proper home remedies.Natural treatment can eliminate the root cause of psoriasis.Meet People who has beaten psoriasis successfully.

Beat Psoriasis Naturally

Living with psoriasis is marked by unpleasantness, disgust, and lowered self confidence.


Life will never be easy for a psoriasis sufferer, but getting to understand how this skin ailment develops and what strategies need to be followed to keep its symptoms barely visible will assist in managing to live a life with it.

Psoriasis Information

Psoriasis is not just a skin condition, it is something that is triggered by faulty signals sent to the skin cells by the immune system.  When these imperfect signs sent out are perceived by the skin tissues, new skin cells begin to form earlier than required, leading to a build-up of skin that eventually thickens, become inflamed and itches.  This is a lifelong condition, which occurs in a cycle of flare-ups and remission.

Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Light Therapy

When ultraviolet (UV) rays emitting from the sun touches human skin, there are all sorts of reactions occurring within, some of which are good and some bad.  In the case of psoriasis though, the UV light interrupts the imperfect signals sent out by the immune system, thereby slackening the speed at which psoriasis lesions are formed.

This same effect can be created with the use of artificial ultraviolet rays, where the skin takes in the energy emitted from these rays and triggers a certain chemical reaction within the body that will slow down the pace of the skin cell multiplication extremely, giving the skin a more normal appearance.  This is termed as phototherapy, wherein the sufferer is exposed to the light, normally ultraviolet B light, for a very brief period of time initially, gradually increasing the time of exposure until successful results are got.


Emollients are something that keeps the skin soft and supple, which is considered to be the key to treating psoriasis.  Psoriasis appears like scaly patches of skin, thickened, and inflamed.  These symptoms can be reduced to a great extent by applying a good layer of medicated creams or petroleum jelly over the affected skin areas.  This should preferably be done after having a shower, when the skin is still wet to lock in the moisture, for a longer effect.

Coal Tar

This is a product derived from either heating coal or wood, obtained after a distillation process, used for medicinal purposes.  Frequent application of this tar product is reported to have helped in decreasing the rapid skin cell multiplication that commonly occurs during psoriasis skin conditions.  To obtain successful results in treating psoriasis though, the concentration of tar used should be in the higher but permissible range.

Salicylic Acid

This product is used more as a peeling agent, which will help in losing the outer layer of skin, by stripping it off in scales.  With the outer skin layer shed frequently, the psoriasis scales are gotten rid of in a timely manner, helping to keep the skin soft and less scaly.


Corticosteroid creams and lotions may also be used to treat psoriasis.  Depending on the severity of the condition, the strength of the corticosteroid used will vary.  Once the condition appears to be improving, the strength of the compound will need to be decreased, for corticosteroids cannot be used for a very long period of time.  Hence, its use is capable of providing only short-term relief.

Living a life with psoriasis can be made easy with some help from your physician.  Discuss the treatment options available for psoriasis and choose one that suits your skin condition the best.

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